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Welcome to "La Voce del fiume"

A charming historic house with a romantic soul, a passionate heart and Basilicata all around.

Charming historic house

Choosing the charming historic house La voce del Fiume, in the village of Brienza, gives you a stay of authenticity and experience.

Safe stays

Safe stays

Our aim is to make you feel safe, welcome and secure. From now on, you will find even more security, thanks to a scrupulous and thorough sanitation, as per the new protocol. At the centre of our attention is your tranquillity, for a peaceful and unforgettable stay.




The green philosophy even on holiday

Since its opening, the La Voce del fiume B&B has chosen sustainability as a style of welcome and identity, addressing itself above all to those travellers who are attentive and respectful of the environment and the territory, the economy and the local communities.

Tell your emotions from the village

The competition consists in the realisation of photos and video clips of original places, artistically less known, characteristic, significant, suggestive from the historical/cultural and landscape point of view and suitable to represent, also through single views, the identity of the territory.

Service Charter

La Voce del fiume means quality hospitality in the Lucanian Apennines National Park.

Download Guide

The guide offers to the guest the key to enter in the plot of the history of our House, of the Caracciolo Castle, of the Medieval Fortress and of the Village of the ancient Burgentia.

La Voce del fiume - dimora storica di charme

Vico del Carmine 5, Brienza, 85050, Italy