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Rai New Year's Eve in Potenza, B&B del Marmo Melandro ready for warm hospitality: 1114 beds

The 38 establishments of the Marmo-Melandro hotel accommodation for a total of 1,114 beds are also ready to welcome those who will celebrate New Year's Eve in Potenza and in the district and will reach Piazza Mario Pagano for the coming year.

The snowfall contributes to making the atmosphere of hospitality more magical. As happens in Brienza where the guests of the b & b la Voce del Fiume enjoy the homemade breakfast on the panoramic terrace in the warmth and enjoy a snowy panorama that is the background in these last days of the end of the year. Winter, especially with snow, is ideal for rediscover the historic centers and the most beautiful villages by letting yourself be pampered in accommodations that create the atmosphere of warm hospitality and feed emotions. Historic villages such as Brienza become nativity scenes. And among the innovative cases in Brienza La Voce del Fiume, which is a Bed & Breakfast - reconfirmed in the 2017 Michelin Guide and from this year also in the Lonely Planet Guide - set between stone and luxury, almost dug into the rock of a castle, which has made excellence its strong point. The Brugentino village in autumn offers new sensations. Involving the activities and local companies spread across our territory for us - explains Rocchina Adobbato who, more than the owner, is the "hostess" animator of activities and attentive to hospitality details - is culture because we believe that a true traveler finds it interesting to be know the past, present and future of the destination you visit. In the last few days of 2016, the network of 142 B & Bs in the province of Potenza has established itself as the most innovative and effective promotional tool for hospitality than the hospitality spread throughout the territory. This was supported by the Thalia Tourist Study Center, highlighting that the novelty, albeit still to be developed and therefore limited to some cases for now, is a territorial reception system characterized by "a natural opening" towards travelers, whose slogan repeated as a mantra is "He who travels without meeting the other, does not travel, he moves". Every corner with attention to detail, to make you feel unique and special. gift packages for guests in Brienza: artisan jams of various flavors and olive oil soap… Among the seasonal novelties, bean jam, pumpkin and almonds. And for those who love traditional jams also that with oranges and mandarins. Widespread Hospitality - underlines Thalia - is an authentic and unconventional experience that attracts new targets of travelers to be involved in local activities and companies spread across our territory. Widespread means spreading the cultural promotion of knowledge that has made the history of small local communities. It means spreading involvement and sharing to enhance, but also to preserve and pass on the many small stories that make the history of a place great. Those who travel often want to get to know the area also through the local cuisine and food and wine, which is why we are committed to promoting the typical products of our area also through traditional local dishes. The goal remains to build a network of B & Bs and producers of experiences that involve food and wine, craftsmanship, culture and art of the area you visit.