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Cycle tourism in Brienza at Ponte alla Luna

Sunday by bike to reach the Ponte alla Luna di Sasso Castalda from Brienza. It is the new cycle tourism offer through a non-demanding route or for cyclists with km in their legs made even easier by the use of the electric bike. Many enthusiasts of slow and emotional tourism who have accepted the invitation of the historic house La voce del Brienza river to leave the car and use the bicycle to enjoy the landscape.

With its equipment of 7 electric bikes, the structure has joined the Italy Bike Friendly network to better meet the expectations of two-wheel lovers and promote knowledge of the area along discovery itineraries between the Melandro Valley and the Agri Valley.On two wheels - underlines Rocchina Adobbato, a hospitality operator in Brienza - one can fully grasp the landscapes and places of a territory that presents itself as a place of contrasts and strong harmonies. The whole of Basilicata, with its low population density, little traffic and with a dense network of routes, offers the visitor the opportunity to cycle tourism in complete tranquility and safety, sheltered from the risks of traffic. At the same time, the tourist enjoys unique landscapes that invite the recovery of a more natural and slow pace of life in places where the uniqueness of a beauty is perceived, in detail, that must be slowly leafed through and discovered. At the end of the bike ride our guests have filled their eyes with everything around them, history, culture, nature and landscape and if their legs do not feel the fatigue, the stomach, instead, it urges you to taste the genuine products of a land where you eat in a divine way. We recommend stopping at typical restaurants or having a rich packed breakfast based on typical products from the Parco basket, provided by our historic home in the picnic basket complete with everything that can be used for a trip outside the city, including a backpack with plaid. tablecloth and tableware for use.A day full of emotions told on social networks by posting photos and comments, and therefore with the opportunity of a new vehicle to promote cycling in the region. The growth of Basilicata as a tourist destination requires the leading role of all the operators in the sector who already today carry out their activities with experiences of recognized excellence. Networking and creating a system with the choice of slow tourism will certainly lead to an increase in arrivals and overnight stays, making it possible to recover the delays of the past.