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Rocchina Adobbato: Cioccocrusco is a real novelty that relaunches the Lucanian high quality

"Cioccocrusco is a winning combination from every point of view, it won me over right away, it is so unique that it truly deserves to be tasted". This is how Cioccocrusco is defined by Rocchina Adobbato , owner and founder of the B&B La Voce del Fiume - Charming historic residence in Brienza (PZ), where this product born from the union of crusco pepper and Swiss chocolate will be presented.

“I discovered it by chance on social media - said Adobbato - I was intrigued and from that moment on I never left him. Mine is a judgment that is somewhat conditioned by the fact that they are two products that I love: I am greedy for chocolate, especially dark, and I love crusco pepper , which of course I have always eaten in every way, but this is the first time combined with chocolate".
How do you recommend tasting Cioccocrusco?“I must admit - he added - that in a first tasting I was not able to savor it completely because I finished it immediately! Tasting it later, however, I made it melt in the mouth, managing to fully grasp the persistent aftertaste of pepper , as well as the crunchiness, which at first I was not able to highlight ".
“Also for this reason I think it is a product to be tasted in itself , you have to concentrate, as for all tastings. I was delighted by this combination, it is unique and exclusive ".
"For me it is already a dessert in itself, I would not combine it with anything and I would end a meal tasting it alone, at least with a good full-bodied red wine, perhaps Lucanian".
"Cioccocrusco is a truly innovative combination"“In large-scale distribution - explained Adobbato - it is easy to find chilli chocolate, however it is a completely different product. Finding a chocolate with pepper pieces that retains its crunchiness is an absolute novelty. Precisely for this reason, if I had to give a vote it would be 10, without a shadow of a doubt ”.
Cioccocrusco will be officially presented on Saturday 26 January right at the B&B La Voce del Fiume - Historic residence of charm . An event during which "not only the product as such will be promoted, but also all its possible combinations".
“Furthermore, 'Lucanity' will be promoted from several points of view, it will be a further key to understanding a region that is already appreciated for all its IGP, DOC, DOP products. In this case - he concluded - it is an absolutely innovative product , which relaunches Basilicata starting from what is perhaps the best known and most exclusive product, a true symbol of quality ".