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Contest - Tell your emotions from the village

The Municipalities of BRIENZA and SANT'ANGELO LE FRATTE and the CineClub Vittorio De Sica - Cinit in collaboration with CinemadaMare and La Voce del Fiume di Brienza (Basilicata)

They announce the competition"Tell your emotions from the village". 
The competition consists in the realization of photos and video clips of original places, artistically less known, characteristic, significant, suggestive from the historical/cultural and landscape point of view and suitable to represent, also through single glimpses, the identity of the territory.
The aim is to highlight, through video clips, short films or photographs, the emotions experienced - during this summer - in the historic village of Brienza and Sant'Angelo Le Fratte. The centre of gravity of the emotional journey is LA VOCE DEL FIUME (The voice of the river), in the heart of the old town of Brienza, a place of fascination and prestige for the town and the territory.The project envisages the direct involvement of the administrations and Pro Loco of the two municipalities (Brienza and Sant'Angelo le Fratte), which will make themselves available to facilitate access to all the places to be enhanced. There are known places and others yet to be discovered, where environment, art, culture, sociality, historical identity will be enhanced precisely through "the eyes of the participants".