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From tradition to fairytale. From the dream to the project

Love, belonging, pride

The charming historic home La Voce del Fiume is the result of the dream of a young entrepreneur - Thalia Prize 2017 for the culture of hospitality - who is proud of her land and people and loves her village.

Authenticity and experience

The Voce del Fiume for a stay full of authenticity and experiences. listen to the voice of the river

A rich vegetation of plants and flowers welcomes visitors, inviting them to sit at the various lounges scattered here and there in the shade of the gazebos, to enjoy the view of the river and the valley. The garden is the ideal place to devote oneself to a good read, to relax listening only to the voice of the river or to chat with other guests, perhaps sipping a good meditation wine.

History, culture, hospitality... sustainability

The history, culture, seasons, hospitality and food offer a sensory experience that leaves its mark. The rooms, the suites, the indoor and outdoor spaces and the services pamper the guest who lives like in a fairy tale.

Bianca's Cave

An evocative location to taste typical products and dishes of the Lucanian tradition, in the narration of the legend of Bianca.

The ancient village

The Caracciolo castle, the ancient village with its history and legends, the seven unique rooms surprise the guest who experiences a dimension of other times.

The legend of Bianca da Brienza

Read the story

The legend of Bianca da Brienza

It is said that around the mid- 1300s , a beautiful woman called Bianca lived there in the castle of Brienza . We are in the ancient village of Brienza, one of the most enchanting and characteristic places of Lucania , where the landscape is of dazzling beauty and the nature that surrounds the village with greenery offers the visitor a unique panorama.

Of this magnificent medieval village to attract attention is, without any shadow of a doubt, the majestic castle that stands on the rocky top of the surrounding Melandro valley.
The events of the castle are deeply linked to the history of the ancient and noble Caracciolo family , one of the most powerful dynasties in Southern Italy, whose origin dates back to the 10th century.
This ancient Angevin fortress guards and jealously keeps with it secrets and legends . It is said that around the middle of 1300 , right in the castle, lived a beautiful young woman called Bianca . She was not just any lady: in addition to being known for her grace, style, sensuality and elegance, Bianca distinguished herself from other ladies of her rank for being a great lover of luxury, and enjoyed the good life and riches.
He loved welcoming his guests and closest friends to the castle by throwing big parties . Music, wild dances, dresses embellished with precious embroideries, precious fabrics such as silk from the ancient and distant East and rivers of gold coins; during these receptions we indulged in all kinds of pomp, luxury and ostentation.
Bianca attended these parties always wearing wonderful jewels of which she was very proud and which were admired by all the guests who took part in these worldly events.
Legend has it that his immense treasure was kept in a secret room of the castle which had precisely 365 rooms , one for each day of the year. The treasure room was number 366 and was, for obvious reasons, unapproachable, inaccessible, secret and well hidden from prying eyes and enemies. Only Bianca and her trusty handmaid knew the route to get there.
Unexpectedly one day, while traveling to Amantea, Bianca was kidnapped by pirates who took her across the Mediterranean to Algiers . Here a rich pasha fell madly in love with her and wanted her stubbornly
for himself at all costs, thus keeping her forever away from her Brienza. Since then nothing more has been heard of Bianca of the Caracciolo castle in Brienza, nor of her, nor of her treasure. Perhaps the beautiful woman could no longer return to her beloved village and for a long time the people of the castle regretted her disappearance.
Today it is said that his treasure is still hidden in that secret room of the castle and that it is still tempting to many . Many, in vain, have tried to search every corner of Bianca's fortress to gain access to her priceless treasure.
From the historic home The voice of the river it is said that a tunnel departs between the rock leading to the castle, which is the road to reach the treasure?