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LA VOCE DEL FIUME TOWARDS 2019: a guide to get to know the Caracciolo castle and its surroundings

A tower that dominates a water course and thus composes the symbol of the Voice of the River, one of the most beautiful residences immersed in the atmosphere of the Caracciolo Castle in Brienza, in the National Park of the Lucanian Apennines, half an hour from Potenza.

Tourism and culture in Basilicata in 2019, while Matera now exceeds record levels, with attendance of visitors who go well beyond the best expectations.In these days a guide has been published to let people know the castle and its surroundings: something more than a simple document or a map of the paths to reach this or that location in the charming town of Melandro, lapped by the Pergola river that makes its voice heard every day. Exactly the voice of the river: a beautiful intuition of Rocchina Adobbato, tour operator and not only. The guide alone is able to represent the path to take to visit the medieval village in a climate definitely projected into the future.The most immediate future is precisely 2019, to which the logo refers and which also acts as a guide to the expert visitor to inform him of the stakes at the center of which is placed not only Basilicata, not only Matera but a whole broad intuition that wants to represent an unprecedented moment. The sense of a turning point.The year 2019, now just around the corner, is in fact a challenge and the guide La Voce del fiume (Voice of the river) underlines in new forms the validity of the message, immersed in the ancient and modern history of a cultural tourism ready to treasure the beauty of the landscape. Of the places, of the woods that from Sasso Castalda (the town that became famous for the bridge to the moon) go as far as the bottom of the Agri valley touching Brienza.The guide clearly states that tomorrow has already begun. And it is no coincidence that the Apt of Potenza will participate in the World Tourism Fair in Siena from September 22 to 24, where Matera and the Pollino will be at home to give a strong boost to the Basilicata of renewal and new tourism proposals. Those that are consolidated with 2019, a real watershed between past and present.The Voice of the River proposes these themes in a modern key and commitment to emphasize the historic houses and the Caracciolo Castle, in particular, a sign of culture and avant-garde tourism.