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"Ponte alla Luna": Scutari (CS Thalia), a naturalistic tourism opportunity

With the "Bridge to the moon" - the real novelty for an Easter and the next spring bridges under the banner of "emotional and naturalistic tourism" - rise to 97 attractions, albeit of various types, surveyed in Basilicata by the Centro Studi Turistici Thalia (based on source data of the German Institute of Quality Finance, Istat and Tripadvisor).In the number - notes the CS Thalia - include cultural attractions, museums, live shows, literary and natural parks, etc., with an average rating for Basilicata (German Institute of Quality Finance) equal to 4.75 (scale 1-5) and a total score (based on elements of hospitality, catering and services) equal to 440 points that place Basilicata in third place for number and score acquired, proving that it is not enough to make new attractions if there are no adequate reception services. "That of Sasso di Castalda - said the President of the Centre for Tourism Studies Thalia Piero Scutari - in addition to the spectacular features that make it a "unique" at least in Italy is a great opportunity to finally move from too many conferences on tourism in inland areas to the concrete actions of promotion and marketing of areas such as Marmo-Melandro included in the Lucanian Apennines National Park, which in truth is still struggling to exercise a role of attraction for the increasingly widespread and growing target of nature tourists.

It's about defining an intervention plan with all the actors of the local tourism able to intercept niche tourist flows, focusing on a tourism that gives emotions - adds Scutari - within an intelligent strategy, especially compared to the recent past when there were no niche choices and even less a range of attractions as wide as the current one. It is not a coincidence that in addition to the flattering "report cards" of foreign tourists for good food and hospitality, another recognition comes from the German Institute of Quality Finance that in the overall theme of reception assigns us a 9 and a half and the first place in the ranking quality of accommodation. In this regard, Thalia indicates a virtuous example. Back for the fifth consecutive year is "Invasioni Digitali", the format conceived by Fabrizio Todisco and Marianna Marcucci designed to promote and spread Italian culture through the digital world. From April 21 to May 7, 2017, museums, villages, exhibitions and places of art will be literally invaded by those who join the event: thanks to the use of digital tools such as smartphones and tablets, Italian treasures often hidden or little known will return to light and will have maximum dissemination on the web. Among the places of Italian culture protagonists of the initiative, even the beautiful village of Brienza, Sunday, April 30 from 10:00 am, will welcome all invaders ready to go and discover one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The "Invasion", organized by Rocchina Adobbato, founder of the historic house La Voce del Fiume, in synergy with the Association Startup Calabria, is sponsored by the City of Brienza and sees the participation of several actors eager to enhance a village so characteristic. In the company of Rocchina and local guides, the invaders will be able to explore the ancient village up to the imposing Caracciolo Castle. Among the destinations of the Invasion also the ruined part of the village, including the house of the jurist Mario Pagano, and a stop outside the city to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels. During the course of the Invasion, moreover, a tourist promotion video will be shot, entirely produced by Winfly, the management company of the Pisticci "Enrico Mattei" Airport. The synergy that unites the two opposite borders of Basilicata is added to that which unites two bordering regions, Basilicata and Calabria. In line with the slogan chosen by Invasioni Digitali for this fifth edition "Culture has no borders", #InvadiBrienza wants to break down the geographical boundaries: among the partners of the Invasion also Startup Calabria, an association that deals with enhancing the innovative realities, and the Organic Farm Santa Marina di Oriolo (CS). These are - says Scutari - the initiatives that we need to make the "Bridge to the moon" a stage of a path that touches, in addition to the nearby Brienza with its cultural heritage and the excellent hospitality offer in historic houses that matches the adventure of the Bridge, other municipalities of the Park. It becomes necessary, however, to indicate the way to make the initiatives successful, a goal that does not concern only the last attraction, that is a long-term planning and marketing strategy, which takes into account the times that the world of tourism requires, the networking of all services, competent managerial resources, with extensive knowledge of the world of tourism. There is a need for destinations managers who are among the most innovative professional figures in tourism and who find good employment prospects also by virtue of the strong professionalism that characterize them. There is a need - concludes Scutari - to field the best minds of Lucanian tourism, because these are the years with great potential to sow and create a regional tourism product even stronger closely linked to Matera2019. 

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