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The green philosophy also on vacation

Since its opening, the B&B La Voce del fiume has chosen sustainability as a style of hospitality and identity, addressing especially to those travelers who are careful and respectful of the environment and the territory, the economy and local communities. With this choice has won many awards and recognition and has become part of Legambiente Tourism and Ecobnb's Green Travel circuit.

At Alla Voce del fiume, respect for the environment and the territory is expressed in many ways, starting with the conservative recovery of the historic building that houses it, where the recovery has represented respect for the originality of the places and building sustainability, as well as the use of materials and resources of the territory. Everything has been brought to light respecting its past, so as to become a virtuous example (of good practice) to follow. 
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Respect and protection for the environment also in implementing all the choices of energy, electricity and water saving.

Respect for the environment in the choice of organic food for breakfast, all at km 0, to give life to appetizing and genuine breakfasts and tastings, where the principle of "home made" and respect for tradition and old recipes is in force.Respect for the environment also in the use of natural detergents for cleaning the rooms and the person, such as the "artisan soap" based on olive oil in the courtesy line branded "La Voce del fiume".  
B&B La Voce del Fiume - dimora storica, Brienza, Potenza, Basilicata, colazione fatta in casa, noleggio bici, laboratori di cucina, vacanze green, Grotte di Pertosa-Auletta, borhi medievali, lago del Pertusillo, Murales di Satriano, tour enogastronomici.

Respect and attention to the environment also in the choice to focus on "green mobility", equipping the structure with pedal-assisted bikes to offer its guests a new way to move and discover Basilicata, always in line with the company's philosophy. The bike is not only a means of locomotion but also and above all a "lifestyle". It is the lifestyle of those who do not devour but taste, who do not drink but sip, who do not consume but use, who do not look but see inside, who do not flee but stop ... To pedal means to always travel with an eye ahead. The perspective is changing, constantly, and it is precisely with this means that the sense of travel acquires its meaning.

Trekking on foot, horseback or bicycle are genuine passions that open the mind, break down barriers, and should be cultivated and disseminated as much as possible, for a better and more conscious future!